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本文摘要:This company partners with many manufacturers to sell a wide variety of products online. Its willing to sacrifice some profit to ensure its prices are bargain-bin low. Its also one of the hottest tech companies in the world.有一家公司与许多制造商牵头,在


This company partners with many manufacturers to sell a wide variety of products online. Its willing to sacrifice some profit to ensure its prices are bargain-bin low. Its also one of the hottest tech companies in the world.有一家公司与许多制造商牵头,在网上贩卖各种各样的产品。它不愿惠及以确保产品是价格低于,是世界上最火的科技公司之一。Sound like Amazon? Its actually an apt description for Xiaomi.听得一起很像亚马逊对吗?事实上,这是对小米的刻画。

Its not a household name in the US, but Xiaomi is one of the hottest brands in Asia. The Chinese company is valued at $46 billion, making it the worlds second-most valuable startup behind Uber. It built its reputation selling inexpensive but high-quality smartphones, which get snapped up by consumers in Asia within hours.小米在美国虽然不是一个家喻户晓的品牌,但在亚洲毕竟最疯狂的的品牌。这家中国的公司市值估价高达460亿美金,使之沦为世界上价值次于Uber的第二大创业公司。

它以销售价廉质低的智能手机著称,其产品在亚洲日后预售几小时内就不会被抢购一空。The companys founder took the time to remind people at a Wall Street Journal conference on Wednesday that it offers a wide range of products, from televisions to air purifiers -- all of which are offered at ultra-competitive prices.在周三的《华尔街日报》会议上,小米的创始者特地警告与会者,小米公司还销售其他很多的产品,从电视机到空气净化器,而且都以很有竞争力的价格出售。

We are more in the area of smart consumer electronics, said Bin Lin, co-founder and president of the company. Wed rather be called an Internet company.小米的牵头创始人和现任总裁林斌说道到:“小米只不过在智能消费性电子领域牵涉到更加甚广,我们更加不愿被叫作网络公司。”Xiaomis push to broaden itself puts it more inline with massive online retailers such as Amazon or Chinas Alibaba, which have benefited from consumers increasing comfort with making purchases over the Internet. Its a retail strategy that could help it expand faster into different parts of the world, as evidenced by its decision to launch a US and Europrean online store in May that features electronic accessories but not phones.小米的希望扩展使它与大规模在线零售商融合更加密切,诸如获益于消费者网上购物的亚马逊或是中国的阿里巴巴。

这是协助小米更慢地扩展到世界各地的零售策略。而小米五月份要求在美国和欧洲进网店销售电子配件而不是手机这一消息堪称证明了这一点。Still, in markets where it does sell smartphones, Xiaomi envisions the handheld device as the remote control for everything. Unlike Amazon or Alibaba, which sell everything from DVDs to Halloween costumes, the Chinese startup is focused on gadgets.小米出售手机的商店里,小米期望有一个手执设备需要远程控制一切。

中国的创业品牌不像亚马逊和阿里巴巴什么都买,而是致力于小配件的销售。Its been clear for a long time that it has much broader ambitions and that seeing Xiaomi as just a smartphone company was missing the bigger picture, said Jan Dawson, an analyst for Jackdaw Research.Jackdaw调查公司的分析师简道森认为:“很显著,仍然以来小米都有更加普遍的野心,只把它看做是智能手机公司似乎是一叶障目了。

”Lin, for instance, touted the capabilities of his new air purifier, which addresses the pollution issue in China. The device can clear the air around you in six minutes and connects to a smartphone. He called the MiTV 3 television the company launched yesterday almost like a phone, except for the bigger display. The television, which packs a 60-inch super-high resolution 4K display, sells for less than $800.例如,林很讥讽他们新的生产的空气净化器的功能,它与中国的空气污染问题密切连接。这个设备需要在六分钟以内净化你身边的空气,并相连到智能手机。他还提及,公司昨天发售的MiTV3电视机“就像一个手机一样,只是显示器更大了。

”该款电视机配有了60英的超高清4K分辨率的显示器,售价还将近800美金。Like Amazon, which looks beyond simply selling hardware to its consumers, Xiaomi believes there is an opportunity to provide media, gaming and other services through the TV, Lin said. It also, of course, connects to a smartphone.林还说道到,像亚马孙一样,小米不只是非常简单地向顾客出售硬件设施,我们还坚信,通过电视不会有机会向顾客获取媒体、游戏和其他服务。

当然这都是和智能手机连接的。Each month, 130 million people use its smartphones, televisions, routers and other products, Lin said. Xiaomi is generating decent revenue from the services related to those products, he added, although he didnt specify how much.林说到,每个月,有13亿人用于他们的智能手机、电视、路由器及其他产品。他还提及,小米还从跟这些产品有关的服务中“收益丰厚”,但没具体地说道明确的收益有多少。

Xiaomi is looking beyond smartphones as its mainstay business continues to mature. The last couple of years in China the smartphone business is changing from rapid growth to a replacement market, he said. So the absolute growth of the smartphone market is flat.小米在自身核心产业渐渐南北成熟期了之后,开始共创于智能手机之外的领域。林说到:“中国近几年的智能手机市场正在从飞速快速增长到产品替代,所以这个市场将仍然不会有意味著的快速增长。

”Lin addressed the rising concern that smartphones are getting boring, with consumers finding it difficult to get excited about the same metal and glass slab. He hinted at potential innovation in touchscreen inputs and how people interact with devices. In the next few months, Im sure we can come up with something that is super cool, he said.消费者指出手机显得更加无趣,他们很难对一样的金属材质和玻璃屏再度深感激动。林回应忧虑日增,因此他似乎有可能在触屏输出和人机对话上有所创意。他还说道:“我敢肯定,在接下来的几个月里,我们一定能做出有尤其酷炫的东西。

”Xiaomis Mi Store in the US offers products like battery chargers and headphones. Lin said he was thinking about selling his popular smartphones in the US, but stayed mum on when exactly that would happen.在小米的美国店里,它出售像电池充电器、耳机一类的东西。林回应,他在考虑到将风行的小米智能手机买到美国,但没说道明确什么时候实施。



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