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本文摘要:Personal-computer makers unveiled a range of unconventional devices on the eve of Asias biggest computer trade show as they seek to revive a flagging industry and stay relevant amid stiff competition.在亚洲仅次于的电脑展览揭幕前夕,个人电脑制造商们争相发售了一系列有所不同以往的


Personal-computer makers unveiled a range of unconventional devices on the eve of Asias biggest computer trade show as they seek to revive a flagging industry and stay relevant amid stiff competition.在亚洲仅次于的电脑展览揭幕前夕,个人电脑制造商们争相发售了一系列有所不同以往的设备。这些个人电脑制造商于是以谋求挽回一个日益衰败的行业,并在严苛的竞争中维持实力。Asustek Computer Inc. touted an everything machine that can do triple duty as a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. It runs on both Microsoft Corp.s Windows and Google Inc.s Android operating systems. Acer Inc. showcased a mini Windows 8 tablet that compressed the functions of a desktop into an 8-inch tablet. Both Taiwanese PC makers unveiled phone-tablet combos, and tablet-laptop crosses, as well as hybrids of other sorts. Dell Inc. is also expanding into new device forms with a thin laptop that can fold backward into a tablet, the companys vice president of end computing sales, Kirk Schell, said Monday. The 11.6-inch XPS 11 is expected to ship in time for the holidays, he said.华硕电脑有限公司(Asustek Computer Inc.)展出了一款集平板电脑、笔记本电脑和台式电脑于一身的“全能设备”。

它同时运营着微软公司(Microsoft Corp.)的Windows和谷歌(Google Inc.)的安卓(Android)操作系统。台积电股份有限公司(Acer Inc.)展出了一个迷你的Windows 8平板电脑,这个八英寸的平板电脑享有台式电脑的功能。这两家台湾的个人电脑制造商都展出了手机和平板电脑的结合体,以及平板电脑和笔记本电脑的“混血儿”,还有其他种类的“混合”产品。

戴尔公司(Dell Inc.)终端电脑销售副总裁谢尔(Kirk Schell)周一说道,戴尔也在向新的设备类型扩展,该公司展出了一款可以向后拉链成平板电脑的超薄笔记本电脑。他说道,这款取名为XPS 11的11.6英寸产品预计将在假日季之前发货。The only things in short supply were traditional computers.惟独传统电脑的数量寥寥无几。The amount of innovation is more than what has happened in years, said Gregory Bryant, Intel Corp.s vice president in charge of Asian-Pacific operations.英特尔公司(Intel Corp.)负责管理亚太业务的副总裁布莱恩特(Gregory Bryant)说道,此次展览上的创意规模多达了过去几年的总和。

The products come as part of the PC industrys efforts to reverse double-digit shipment declines amid worries that they have sat still while mobile companies such as Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. were quick to jump into the smartphone and tablet markets. Global PC shipments declined 14% in the first quarter, while tablet shipments more than doubled in the same period, according to market-research firm IDC. But PC makers could face a challenging recovery, with shipments expected to fall 7.8% globally this year, according to IDC.这些产品是个人电脑行业为反败为胜出货量两位数的上升趋势所做到希望的一部分。有人担忧,在苹果(Apple Inc.)和三星(Samsung Electronics Co.)很快转入智能手机和平板电脑市场之际,个人电脑产业依然原地踏步。根据市场研究公司IDC的数据,第一季度全球个人电脑发货量上升了14%,而同期平板电脑的发货量快速增长多达一倍。

但是个人电脑制造商的衰退前景有可能充满著挑战,根据IDC的数据,预计今年全球个人电脑的发货量将上升7.8%。Computex officially opens on Tuesday and runs through Saturday, with planned keynote speeches from Intel and Microsoft. Intel will unveil its fourth-generation Core processors, while Microsoft is expected to discuss its coming operating-system refresh called Windows 8.1. The annual event is the largest computing show in Asia, with about 1,724 exhibitors and more than 5,000 booths this year. It functions as a showcase for PC makers new models that will hit shelves later in the year, as well as for components and other devices. Diversification in both chips and operating systems is a major trend at this years Computex after the industry relied for years on Microsoft and Intel.台北国际电脑展览(Computex)周二月揭幕,将持续到周六。英特尔和微软公司按计划将做到主旨演说。

英特尔将发售第四代的Core处理器,而微软公司预计将谈论升级后的操作系统Windows 8.1。这个一年一度的活动是亚洲最大规模的电脑展览,今年有约1,724名参展商,多达5,000个展位。


Acer Chairman J.T. Wang said in an interview Monday that the company is working on an Android desktop PC. The company on Monday launched its first phablet -- a mobile device that has functions of a phone and a tablet -- running a low-cost chip made by Taiwanese chip designer Mediatek Inc. The product line for Asus -- as the company is widely known -- was primarily based on Android, an operating system used almost solely in mobile devices.台积电的董事长王振堂周一拒绝接受专访时说,这家公司正在研发一款运营安卓系统的台式电脑。台积电周一发售了它的第一款“手机平板”,即同时享有手机和平板功能的移动设备。该设备将配备台湾芯片设计商联发科技股份有限公司(MediaTek Inc.)的低成本芯片。


华硕的产品系列主要配备安卓系统,安卓系统基本上只用作移动设备。Mr. Wang said that the death of the traditional PC is fast approaching, with touch-screen computers becoming the norm in three years, by his estimate.王振堂说道,传统个人电脑的末日正在迫近。据他的估算,触屏电脑在三年后将沦为主流。

Many of the devices unveiled Monday havent yet been priced, and analysts said price will be a crucial factor in whether they sink or swim in the market.周一发售的许多设备还没被定价。分析人士说道,价格将是他们能否在市场上存活的关键因素。Pricing is probably the key to determine who is going to win, said UBS analyst Arthur Hsieh.瑞银(UBS)的分析师Arthur Hsieh说道,定价有可能是要求谁需要落败的关键。

The devices that have been priced include Acers Iconia W3, the small Windows 8 tablet, at $379. Asus only gave a price for its new low-cost Android tablet, the Memo Pad, which will be $149, with a $129 version for emerging markets.早已发布售价的设备还包括台积电的小型Windows 8平板电脑Iconia W3,这款产品的售价将为379美元。华硕仅有获取了其新款低成本安卓平板电脑Memo Pad的售价,该产品售价将为149美元,新兴市场的版本售价为129美元。



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